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In addiction treatment, some programs have you stay at a center full-time, while others let you live at home and visit for therapy. Some are very intense with daily sessions, and others are more flexible.
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Types of Therapy

For addiction therapy, there are different kinds. Some involve talking one-on-one with a therapist, others have group discussions, and some use activities or tasks to help with recovery. Each type focuses on understanding and overcoming addiction in its own way.
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At ReachingRecovere, we understand that finding the right rehab can be tough. That’s why we’re here to make it easier for you. Whether you’re just starting to look for help or you’re ready to take the next step, we’ve got your back.


We’re not just about finding a rehab place. We also want to help you with the costs if that’s something you need. We know that worrying about money can be a big stress, and we want to take that weight off your shoulders.


Here, it’s all about you. We believe in supporting you, no matter where you are in your recovery journey. We’re committed to providing you with the best options and support tailored just for you.

Frequent Ask Questions

The purpose of drug and alcohol rehab is to help people stop using drugs or alcohol and learn how to live a healthy life without them. In rehab, people get support and learn skills to overcome addiction and avoid going back to using these substances.
To start the rehab process, first, talk to a doctor or a rehab center about your needs. They will help you understand what kind of treatment is best for you. Then, you can choose a program and begin your journey to recovery. Remember, asking for help is a brave first step.
Choosing the right rehab program depends on your personal needs and situation. Think about how serious your addiction is, what kind of support you have at home, and what your daily life is like. If you need a lot of support and can take time off, a program where you stay at the center might be good. If you need to keep working or taking care of family, a program where you visit for therapy while living at home could work better. It’s important to talk to a professional who can help you decide based on your specific needs.
Rehab programs usually last from a few weeks to a few months. Some might be as short as 30 days, while others can go for 60 or 90 days. Some programs may even last longer, depending on what the person needs for their recovery.
Choosing a rehab near you can be a good idea because it’s easier for family and friends to visit, and it might feel more comfortable being close to home. But, it’s also important to find a rehab that fits your needs, even if it’s farther away. Think about what will help you the most in your recovery journey.
To apply for a rehab grant, simply go to the Grant Page and fill out the form provided there. It’s a straightforward process!
Getting grant approval can vary in time. Sometimes it might take just a few weeks, but other times it could take a couple of months. It really depends on how quickly everything needed for the grant can be put together and reviewed.
To help individuals needing rehab, you can donate by visiting the donation page and submitting your contribution there. Your support can make a big difference in their recovery journey.


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